Department of Informatics

Lund University School of Economics and Management

Department management

The department is led by the head of department and a department bBoard. The head of department is chairman of the board. The director of studies is responsible for education matters, and the coordinator is responsible for the administration.

Department board

The board consists of the chairman, four representatives from the teaching and research staff, one representative from the administrative staff, two student representatives, one of which is a PhD student.

The department board normally meets once a month during term time.

The department board

  • decide on the work and the use of resources at the department,
  • follow up the work at the department, analyze the results and ensure an efficient use of resources, and
  • decide on matters entrusted to the board.

Proposals to the board should be sent to Linda Öberg ten days before the meeting, or according to special announcement.

Committee for research education

The committee for research education consists of the professors and associate professors at the department. The director of PhD studies is chairman.

Executive committe

The executive committe consists of the head of department, the director of studies for basic education, the director of PhD studies and the coordinator. 

Head of Department

Nicklas Holmberg
Senior lecturer, head of department
Phone: +46462228029

Nicklas Holmberg

Director of Studies

Björn Svensson
Lecturer, director of first and second cycle studies
Phone: +46462228183
Room: EC2:281

Björn Svensson


Linda Öberg
Web coordinator, coordinator
Phone: +46462223988, +46462223988
Room: EC2-273

Linda Öberg