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Postponed! The human side of technology: work-life balance, stress and digitalisation


POSTPONED! In this public lecture, Professor Saonee Sarker will address the humanistic outcomes of technology. How is technology affecting work-life balance? Can it cause stress? And what are the often-overlooked dangers of digitalisation, not least when it comes to sustainability?

POSTPONED/CANCELLED! This lecture has to be moved to later 2022, due to unforeseen events (sickness). We are truly sorry about this. All registered attendees will be notified via e-mail. They will also receive information about when the lecture will take place instead. (updated 2 May)

Meet Saonee Sarker, Professor of Informatics at LUSEM, in a talk where she asks questions such as: Is digitalisation all good? What are the possible dark sides of the ongoing digitalisation of our workplaces?

Saonee Sarker will take you on a journey, from practical research findings to current challenges. From a humanistic viewpoint, she will put some of these items in the spotlight:

  1. How is digitalisation affecting work-life balance?
  2. What is technostress? Why do we need to consider it?
  3. What are the dangers of AI and the ongoing digitalisation, not least in terms of sustainability?

”We are often exposed to the ’greatness of digitalisation,’” Saonee Saker says. ”But digitalisation requires enormous amounts of electrical power. How sustainable is that? We never talk about that side of digitalisation. But is certainly something we need to consider.”

Registration is now closed, due to the event being postponed.

Are you interested in digitalisation, work-life balance or technology versus sustainability? Very welcome! The lecture will be held at LUSEM’s premises in Lund 16:15–17:15 (CEST). After the lecture, we welcome all IRL attendees to some refreshments and mingling at our premises.

The lecture will also be broadcasted online via Youtube.

This event is organised during The Sustainability Week in Lund.

About the speaker

Saonee Sarker is Professor of Informatics at Lund University School of Economics and Management. She was born and raised in India. Saonee moved to the United States at the age of 21. Formerly a Chaired Professor and the Senior Associate Dean of the McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia. She first came to Lund as a visiting fellow in 2012 and traded the US for Sweden in June 2021.

Saonee's research focuses on human-AI hybrids, globally distributed software development, Green IS, and implications of IT in healthcare. Her publications have appeared in ABS 4* outlets such as MIS Quarterly, Information Systems Research, Journal of Management Information Systems, Journal of the AIS, among others.

In December 2021, she completed two consecutive terms as Senior Editor at MIS Quarterly. Starting January 1, 2022, she has been serving as the inaugural Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) at MIS Quarterly, and also as a Senior Editor at Journal of the AIS.

Furthermore, her research on work-life balance has been funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) in the United States, which has resulted in her recently published Palgrave-Macmillan book titled “Navigating Work and Life Boundaries: Insights for Distributed Knowledge Professionals”.

Saonee Sarker in the Lund University Research Portal

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3 May 2022


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