Department of Informatics

Lund University School of Economics and Management


in informatics and information systems

For courses given in Swedish, please visit the Swedish course site.

Basic level  (1–60 credits)   Given
INFA44  Introduction to e-health, 7.5 credits (distance course)   Autumn, Spring
SASE40 Introduction to e-health, 7.5 credits (distance course for exchange students)   Autumn, Spring
INFE01 Managing Digitalisation, 5 credits   Spring
INFE02 Managing Digitalisation, 7.5 credits   Spring
Bachelor level (60–90 credits)   Given
INFC20 Advanced Database Systems, 7.5 credits   Autumn
INFC25 Human-Computer Interaction Analysis, 7.5 credits   Autumn
INFC35 Decision Support Systems, 7.5 credits   Autumn
INFC40 Information Systems Security, 7.5 credits   Autumn, Spring
INFC60 IS Sourcing Strategies for Business Development, 7.5 credits   Autumn
INFC65 Information Architecture, 7.5 credits   Spring
Advanced level (91–120 credits)   Given
INFN25 IT, Innovation and Sustainability, 7.5 credits   Autumn
INFN35 Human-Computer Interaction Design, 7.5 credits   Autumn
INFN40 Strategic Management and Information Systems, 7.5 credits   Autumn
INFN45 Business Intelligence, 7.5 credits   Autumn
INFN50 Business Decision Management, 7.5 credits   Spring
INFN60 Designing Digitalisation, 7.5 credits   Spring
INFN65 Business and Artificial Intelligence, 7.5 credits   Spring
INFN01 Information Systems Research Methods, 7.5 credits   Autumn
Advanced level (121–150 credits)   Given
INFM10 Master thesis, 15 credits   Spring