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Information Systems Security

INFC40, Informatics, 7.5 ECTS credits

The course is offered on the fifth term of the Bachelor's programme in Design of Information Systems to exchange students, and as a freestanding course.

Course description

Information system security (IS security) has become an important area of concern for all organisations. Threats are plentiful and hazards include economic damage and serious workflow disturbances.

Information system security contains areas such as communications security, data security and networking security. Other areas are software systems dependability, availability, and performance. It would be reasonable to add concerns about illegal access, illegal use, contingency planning and damage control. Occasionally, training, overseeing, auditing, probing and surveillance are part of the IS security concept as well.

This course presents an overview over these issues in the context of systems design, systems development and systems administration.

Correctly defining relevant threats, assessing their severity and probability correctly and then effectively countering them constitutes an important security function in any organisation.

Therefore, the course also addresses problems with managing information system security, due to its complexity and broad scope as well as different problems in traditional information security analysis, including the evaluation of different cost-benefit criteria.


COURSe director

Miranda Kajtazi
Associate professor
Phone: +46 46 222 80 23
Room: EC2-271

Miranda Kajtazi

Additional information

Course syllabus Autumn 2022, in English
Course syllabus Autumn 2022, in Swedish

Reading list for Spring 2024

Basic level G2F
Teaching language: English
Offered: Autumn & Spring semester


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