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Call for workshops


Workshop Proposal


BIR2014 invites proposals for research workshops related to the BIR topics to be held in conjunction with the conference. The theme for BIR conference is making a smarter difference with ICT .

General issues

  1. The workshops are self-sustainable (not sponsored by the main conference).
  2. The length of a workshop is from 4 hours to 1 day.
  3. Workshop venue and equipment are provided free of charge.
  4. Registration is handled by BIR2014 organizers.
  5. Selected best papers will be published in Springer LNBIP post-conference 
  6. The organizer(s) of approved workshops are responsible for the following:
    1. Advertising BIR2014 and their workshop (including website)
    2. The review process for their workshop's papers
    3. Selection of the best papers for the post-conference proceedings in Springer 
    4. Collection of camera-ready copies of selected accepted papers (verifying that 
they comply with the formatting rules) for the post-conference proceedings in 
Springer LNBIP
    5. Attending the entire workshop and providing a summary of the event to the 
BIR2014 workshop chairs.
  7. Workshop proposals should be submitted to Nicklas Holmberg no later than February 15, 2014.


The proposal

The proposal should cover the following points:

  1. Workshop title
  2. Purpose
    1. How is the focus of the workshop different from / related to the main conference
    2. The main goals of the session
    3. List of the workshop topics.
  3. Organizers and PC members:
    1. PC chairs and / or other organizers who will be present at the workshop or are otherwise involved, including the person responsible for web presence and communications
    2. Names, addresses, and affiliations of all those listed
    3. One-paragraph biographical sketch for each organizer, describing relevant 
qualifications and experience.
  4. Information on how many attendees are expected by the workshop.
  5. Information on how many papers are expected by each workshop and what are 
the targeted acceptance rates for Springer proceedings.
  6. Historical figures from earlier editions of the workshop (if any).
  7. Brief information on plans for publicizing the workshop and making it highly visible.
  8. Special requirements for special arrangements at workshop location (if any).


Services for workshops provided by BIR2014

  1. Publication of Springer proceedings, based on a pack of source files delivered by the PC chairs, including a preface, list of authors, and other documentation (to be defined).
  2. Local organizational infrastructure and administrative support (registration, badges, refreshments, beamers, screens, etc.).

Nicklas Holmberg
Senior lecturer, head of department
Phone: +46 46 222 80 29
Room: EC2-201

Nicklas Holmberg