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Best Paper Award at ISD 2014

Publicerad: 2014-09-21

Olgerta Tona's and Sven Carlsson's paper was awarded Best Paper at this year's International Conference on Information Systems Development

PhD student Olgerta Tona and Professor Sven Carlsson from the Department of Informatics attended the 23rd International Conference on Information Systems Development, ISD – a three-day conference focusing on the interplay of approaches in information systems development with organisational aspects and trends in society.
Olgerta Tona presented her and Sven Carlsson’s paper The Mindfulness and Mindlessness in Mobile Business Intelligence Adoption, which at the conference dinner was awarded Best Conference Paper Award.
This is the second time Sven Carlsson is awarded a best paper award at ISD. Sven was a co-track chair of General Concepts Related to ISD Methodologies, Project Management and Other Topics and he was also chairing a session on IS in Improving Organisations.